July 5, 2017 by Autonomyweb

My friends and I have the saying: “The struggle is real”

We apply this everywhere, at work when deadlines are nearing, in our finances when we can’t afford what we want, which I must confess is a struggle each month, in our personal relationships, when bae is mad, bae is not there or it has been a while… *cough cough*

My biggest struggle last year was keeping myself together, intact… I seemed to be losing myself in work and studies… “Self” seemed to be drifting and I was struggling to pull myself towards myself.

My biggest struggle the last couple of months was unemployment and its financial implications.

My biggest struggle right now? Finding the rest of myself after finding my feet; from adapting in a new workplace with a different role to repairing and building my credit record again to getting back in touch with the people I shut out.


Life is a struggle, facing these struggles and getting positive results from them is the art of life. Struggles will always be there in everything we do, in everything we set out to achieve, in all aspects of our lives, some heavier than others.

What we need to understand is that struggles are just stepping blocks, a part of life and everyone goes through them.


I know who swear they are bewitched when faced with difficult situations, EVERY TIME! I know people who are constantly being “sabotaged” and set up for failure.

I am not saying these things are not happening, maybe there is such a thing as withcraft and maybe there are people out there who constantly sabotage other people, I am saying that such cannot be your answer to everything and that should not be a reason for giving up, find a way to maneuver through your situation.

There are people who have faced immense challenges, they fell and stood up, they grew weary but kept going, why should you declare that the world is after you and remain defeated?


We all go through struggles and how we do so makes us who we are. Face them and come out positive… determined!



One thought on “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL

  1. ndabapalesa041gmailcom says:

    The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.

    This piece speaks to me in so many ways .It reminds me that there is always room to do better than you did before without shifting blame.

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