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June 26, 2017 by Autonomyweb

The love of family is not something that develops over time, it is instant and it is sacred.


I love my family to the core but we do not spend much time together.

It was easier when we were younger, by 6:30 pm we would be seated watching TV, but with the passage of time it has become harder to be in sync.


We all went to boarding school then varsity and those that are done went on to build their lives in various places.

When we are home, the first hour is always great, you are welcomed, everyone shows interest, particularly in what you have brought home and you spend a bit of time together. Everyone thereafter goes on with their lives, we just have our own things to do, different interests or we get on our laptops in our rooms.


We do not even watch much TV together, we are interested in different shows, it’s like we take shifts because the times they play hardly ever clash.


One or two would sometimes be out during meal times or we would eat at different places, the dining room, the TV room, the Chillas (Back porch) or in our rooms if we are watching something on our laptops or working on something.


We have even developed this new habit of either shouting from our rooms, skyping each other or sending texts when we need something. #TrueStory.


Now and again we miss each other and watch a movie together in the living room or play monopoly. It is always fun and warming to the heart but it is not a regular thing, sometimes we are not even all there.


Saturday mornings however are just different, somehow we are all home and in sync.

We deck the dining room table with breakfast and sit, eat, laugh and just enjoy each other’s company. We get closer, learn more about each other, catch up on the past week, we even play board games.

We put everything on hold, my sister would leave her soapies, I’d forget about my laptop, my one brother would leave whatever girl he snuck in the previous night in his room, I don’t know what the rest usually do, but everything we usually busy ourselves with is at a standstill.

It is a most treasured time, family time.


Those times are important and I feel all families need them because even though you all love each other and have an attachment, the bond is strengthened by the time spent together as you laugh with each other, scold each other, fight, share your stories, interests and discover things you did not know about each other.

These are the people who will always have your back when life’s struggles are in your path, have your sacred time with them.


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