Variables to consider


May 29, 2016 by Autonomyweb

Take variables into account

I have always done things in a certain way, had a system.

Then I started working and the problems I encountered was that circumstances change, variables change, requiring one to adapt.

There is no such thing as orderly in my life, I am in auditing, each company is different and each circumstance unique. Yes, some things get repetitive and companies have to have systems in place but there are always differing variables, unique challenges.

When I started, there was a system of looking at things, I had fairly simple sections and there was a strategy to approaching them.

I went on an audit and there was a strategy to be followed with my sections , I followed it fully and I was extremely proud of myself thinking yeah I nailed it… then the manager reviewed the file and there were so many queries it was depressing. I then realized that these queries were not in line with the strategy, that they go over and beyond it. This is what happens when there are tight deadlines we become machines do what needs to be done and be done with it, we don’t take time to think that: “Okay, this is the strategy but does it serve purpose?” we just want to get it done.

My manager had signed off on the strategy but now he is thinking differently because he had gained more understanding of the entity and took into consideration new methodologies and I had to do the footwork to get the job properly done.

When this happened I realized that had I been more attentive instead of being a robot I would have gathered the necessary information to not have to go through that depressive stage. I realized that it is important to be analytical, aware and focused, truly focused on the task at hand.
In order for us to make it in this life thing and build something for ourselves, in whatever we do, it should not be just about following protocol and finishing the task, special care must be given to each task; it is also vital to be aware of the changing environment and methodologies.

In my world, there is no such thing as orderly.



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