It’s not just audit… It’s having a job!

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May 29, 2016 by Autonomyweb

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A new job, a new hobby, a new relationship, a new… all these things have something in common, they all start on a high, so much excitement, expectations, uneasiness… is this for me? Am I making the right decision? Do I have what it takes to flourish?

I had these questions when I started my articles, I was anxious to meet the people I would be working with.

I met the first years at the new joiners function, but I still felt uneasy because I still had not met the senior trainees, I felt that those are the people that will make me either love or hate this job.

I only got to know them as we did case studies and went on audits and I have to be honest, they had zero impact on how I feel about auditing, some liked it, some were bored and some just negative, but as I went on audits I developed my own attitude and I loved it; that does not mean I’ll stay in auditing after my articles as I would like to discover what else is out there that I might love; I always liked finance, even though it does not love me much (That’s what my results told me).

I sat one day and said auditing? Do I see myself doing this? I did my research on what it means to be an auditor, what a trainee does, etc. and I saw it, I saw myself doing it, I started getting excited and I followed through.

Now… Was it what I imagined when I was doing my research?

The answer is NO

Even after training when we were working on a case study and I heard one partner joking with another saying:  “Well, if you did not suffer from sleep deprivation you would not be a real auditor would you?”

I did not imagine it, I did not see it; life was easy as a first year, minimal responsibility, unemployment Yey! Study time!! You get home at a reasonable time, no stress and it got boring at times.

Then I get to second year, more responsibility, I knew now what a budget is, I started applying my mind and guess what? I was repeating CTA!

There is it… that sleep deprivation he was talking about; mind you there are other worries such as family, finances, relationships, the future…

As an employee you want to get to that point where you do not need to introduce yourself, not in a we have socials where everyone gets to meet everyone type of way but in a “they recognise you by the quality of your work” type of way.  Problem is it’s not just the job you have on your plate; you have to be able to balance your study, social and work life.

I once called a friend crying in the middle of the night crying because I got so busy the last few weeks I was ill-prepared for the test the next day. He is that friend you talk to once in a while and makes you laugh so hard then you go on with your life on a happy note until you miss him again. He said to me, I promise its more effective in Xhosa  “All you wanna be CA’s are like this, calling people in the middle of the night expecting sympathy and back-pats, we all have our problems and are out of sympathy, now go get what you said you wanted, no sympathy here.”  Then he started telling me totally unrelated and inappropriate stories that made me laugh.

Point? It does not matter where you go, a job is a job, it has its demands and you still have a life to live, you have to love your job or you will be constantly depressed, you may not know how you will feel before you start but you make it your own, make it work. Hobby, relationship, job, you make it work.

I love my job (well… most of the time), not because someone influenced me into it but I dived in and experienced it for myself.

The job is demanding and yes you will have sleepless nights but believe me it is fulfilling.

Coming home, tight deadline and everything and knowing that you did your best and it is done is fulfilling!

Even never-ending queries are fulfilling because when you go on your next audit you realise how much you learnt and get excited over the review of the file.

If your question is what to expect, I can’t tell you that, all I can do is share my experience and advise you to dive in and see for yourself.

This life thing demands the determined.


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